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This season, Eddie - Lacey is considered to have the opportunity to become one of the best running backs in the league. He has the strength to become a key player in the attack, but the Green Bay Packers Gongben in the first three games of the season, things are different and the people expected. Packers offensive only came in the middle reaches of the league, and Lacey's performance is not satisfactory. Sunday's game proved it: Lacey grappled in the end zone, resulting in safe points, but occurs once off the ball, and is cheap nba jerseys authentic back to attack the opponent touchdowns. He had 11 possessions did not crossed the line of scrimmage, the best offensive rookie last season, this season was only 3.1 yards, had not been cheap nba jerseys able to complete a touchdown. Monday, Packers coach Mike - McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) said in an interview: ldquo; Lacey needs to perform better. This will be the only time I talk openly about this issue, we looked at the video, you need to be improved. Our ground offensive from the expected far worse. Rdquo; NFL expert Mike - Ma Yueke (Mike Mayock) made with the Detroit Lions game packaging Gongben a chance to win. Lions defensive front is routinely arrange four people, but it has been repeatedly defeated the Packers in front of the contest, Lacy is not enough to change the situation.

Packers backcourt, need to try for Aaron - Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) to help. McCarthy's point of view is very clear: Lacey must begin to bear part of his responsibility.San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons in the past 24 hours, respectively, and their coach, Jim - Hubble (Jim Harbaugh) and Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) after the cheap nba jerseys china split, nonstop to start looking for new coach. Official NFL Network reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the two teams have been requested and the Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam - Gass (Adam Gase) cheap nba jerseys online liaison permission. Is widely regarded as one of the NFL's Gastown young offensive talent in the last year to get the other team throw the olive branch head coach. Choose to focus on the Broncos Super Bowl trip, he refused the opportunity to participate in the interview the coach of the cheap nba jerseys supply Cleveland Browns in January of this year. Gass's strengths is to work with the quarterback and the passing attack tactics used in making the players to build on a bit of advantage, which for 49 people is an attractive advantage, things are currently 49 people a top priority let quarterback Colin - Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) bottlenecks career turnaround. 49 people also might consider the current defense team striker coach Jim - Tom Mu Sula (Jim Tomsula) and defensive coordinator Vic - Fangio (Vic Fangio) as head coach candidate. Gass and has proven itself to be the ace quarterback Peyton - Manning close relationship (Peyton Manning) between the Falcons might increase interest in him, the Falcons could make him the league's top 14 and has One point guard Matt - Ryan (Matt Ryan) cooperation.

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